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Results Pending Competitions

  • 5th Gopix Exposee

    Now, the power of creation lies in everyone's hands - limited only by the imagin...

    Photographic art is no longer confined to those who splurge on big, fancy and expensive cameras and equipments. Now, the power of creation lies in everyone's hands, limited only by the imagination. Mobile phones and tablets are unprecedented tools to capture and create artwork anywhere anytime. The fleeting moments are just a click away.

    The 5th GoPix Exposée celebrates the creative use of mobile cameras and tablets for photographic art. We are seeking the world's latest and best. The 5th GoPix Exposée will be FREE to enter, with up to 10 submissions allowed per entrant. 

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    Closed 31 May 2018
  • 2nd ROYGBIV Color Awards

    Celebrates the vibrancy of colors with $2000 Grand Prize

    The ROYGBIV Color Awards celebrate the excitement, energy and unpredictability of color. We are surrounded by colors and it's how we see the world, so this theme is, in a sense, easy.  But understanding how clever use of colors from such a vast canvas of possibilities can help convey not only feelings and emotions but also moods which enhances the imagery you have captured requires a certain artistry.  Send us your best colorful artworks today.

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    Closed 30 Jun 2018