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This competition has closed!!!   ~* View 3rd Eros Awards Winners Gallery *~

Closed 30 Jun 2014

3rd Eros Awards

Fine Art Nudes

Highlighting the mystery and the beauty of artistic nudes.

TZIPAC is excited to launch The 3rd Eros Awards. This is an international juried competition that celebrates the magic of fine art nude photography. We seek to honour the finest in classic and contemporary nude photography and artworks from around the world. Up for grabs is the grand prize of US$2000, and our beautifully custom-made TZIPAC medals to be awarded to all 1st Place category winners.

  • EligibilityTOP

    Any photographers over the age of 18 from around the world can enter into The 3rd Eros Awards.


    How it works


    The 3rd Eros Awards' entry process is split into two stages.


    Stage 1 entry fee is just $1 per image with the judging being carried out by the TZIPAC Editorial team. The very low entry fee is designed to encourage a broader range of artists to participate, in the hope of discovering a multitude of marvelous artworks from budding undiscovered artists as well as established professionals, without geographic boundaries or limitations. Achieving a status of Stage 1 Accepted will allow you to promote your artwork with our simplistic E-badge.


    All Stage 1 Accepted images will be invited for ongoing submission to Stage 2 at a cost of $20 per image, with the total fees capped at $100. Stage 2 will be judged by our invited Juror(s) whose scores will determine the Finalists, Category Winners and the TZIPAC Fine Art Nudes Photographer of the Year.


    TZIPAC look forward to seeing and showcasing the diverse and numerous artworks that will be submitted, as well as the passionate flares and creativity of participating artists.

  • Closing DeadlineTOP

    30-Jun-2014 ( GMT -04:00 )

  • Categories TOP

    Fine Art and Open:
    This is an open category, not just to allow the freedom of interpretation and subject choices, but also open to different medium, such as painting, digital art, etc. All non-photographic artworks must be photographed for submission, and the submitted images must still comply with the images restrictions in order to qualify for judging.
    Lines, Curves and Shapes:
    Exploring the elements that make the human body so beautiful. The images can be produced indoor or outdoor, using artificial or natural lighting.
    Portrait and Editorial
  • Images TOP

    Images must be in JPG/JPEG format, 8 bit, 1500pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi, and have maximum file size of 500KB. Colour space should be RGB or sRGB. Images must have no border, nor marks or logos identifying the artists.

    Entrants are encouraged to explore their own unique understanding of the meaning and boundaries of what constitutes "Fine Art Nude photography".  However, submitted artworks must not move beyond the boundaries of consenting sexuality.  TZIPAC will not tolerate any artworks that include references to minors or bestiality, or depicting violence.

    All models who are featured in submitted artworks must be 18 years old and over.

  • Prizes TOP

    US$2000 worth of prizes to be won!

    Grand Prize

    US$2000 cash prize

    The title of TZIPAC Fine Art Nudes Photographer of the Year

    Invited to be a Featured Artist in our 43mm Magazine and receive unprecedented international exposure


    Category WInners
    Each category will have up to three winners, 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place, at the discretion of the judges.


    1st Place

    • Will receive the prestigious TZIPAC Medals
    • Will receive a 6 page editorial feature in 43mm Magazine
    • Will get our 1st Place E-Badge to accompany your award winning artwork
    • Will be featured in the 3rd Eros Awards Winners E-Book
    • Will be showcased in our Online Winners Gallery


    2nd Place

    • Will receive a 4 page editorial feature in 43mm Magazine
    • Will get our 2nd Place E-Badge to accompany your award winning artwork
    • Will be featured in the 3rd Eros Awards Winners E-Book
    • Will be showcased in our Online Winners Gallery


    3rd Place

    • Will get our 3rd Place E-Badge to accompany your award winning artwork
    • Will be featured in the 3rd Eros Awards Winners E-Book
    • Will be showcased in our Online Winners Gallery



    • Will get our Finalist E-Badge to accompany your award winning artwork
    • Will be featured in the 3rd Eros Awards Winners E-Book
    • Will be showcased in our Online Winners Gallery


    Our TZIPAC Medals

    The prestigious TZIPAC medals are 3" silver plated brass medal, 5mm thick and weighs a substantial 200g. Under the lucious black transparent enamel border layer are engraved texts and detailings, while at the center is our embossed dual-colour-tinted TZIPAC logo.



    E-badges for winning images

    All Finalists, Category Winners, and Grand Award Winners will be able to showcase their winning images with our official TZIPAC E-badge. Sharing your winning images with the world and dressing-up your awards and accolades page is easier and more special than ever before.  You will be able to proudly exhibit winning images with our official E-badge on your website, and wherever else you choose in a few quick steps - more details on how to do this and where to access the E-badge can be found in our E-badge tutorial.  We want to help showcase your images with the world, and the E-badge that accompanies your images will forever be a testament of your achievements. 

    TZIPAC E-badge


    Our E-book featuring ALL incredible winners

    In addition to exhibition in our online Winners Gallery, all winners will be featured in a special edition E-book which commemorates the remarkable images selected by the judges. With a superb layout and pages which you can flip through like a magazine on your coffee table, our E-book offers an engaging new way to alert others to your success at TZIPAC. 

  • Fees TOP

    Two phase entry fees system - designed to encourage a broader range of participants.

    Stage 1: Initial entry fee is only $1 per image.

    Stage 2: Additional entry fee for qualifying in Stage 2 Judging is just $20 per image with total fees capped at $100. In other words, once you reconfirm 5 images for Stage 2 Judging, any extra entries are reconfirmed FREE.

    This confirms your Stage 1 Accepted artworks for judging by our Judging Panel and put you in the chance to become Category Winners and ultimately win the grand prize.

  • Judging PanelTOP


    Binh Trinh

    Website :
    Biography :

    After sucessfully pursuing his PhD in food engineering, Binh Trinh quickly discovered his joy for photography and never looked back. His love for black and white photography has motivated hime to study and experiment with the magic of light and dark and everything in between. His forte is in editorial portraits as well as nude photography. Binh has won:
    - the 2011 Black and White Photographer of the Year by the Black and White Magazine,
    - 2010 Hasselblad Masters Finalist,
    - 2008 WPPI Grand Award,
    - as well as over 300 awards worldwide.
    His work has been widely published and exhibited, as well as being held in public and private collections. 

    © Binh Trinh

    2011 Black and White Photography of the Year - Black and White Photography Magazine

  • Entries are also governed by our Terms & Conditions