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2013-05-27: TZIPAC Winners Galleries with E-Badges - Special Features

There are a few features of TZIPAC newest winners gallery with E-Badges which may not be obvious. In this tutorial, we will highlight and explain a few of these.

TZIPAC winners gallery

Quick Access Anchors

This side menu allows you to quickly navigate to specific groups of award-winning images in the gallery.  These groups include: Professional categories winners, Non-professional categories winners, and finalists. In particular, finalists images are ordered alphabetically by entrants' last names, which are shown in uppercase letters.

Large Image popup

You can click on any thumbnail image in the gallery to open the Large Image popup.  The Large Image popup will show the TZIPAC E-Badge for the award-winning image along with some of the entry's details including: the competition name and category entered into, and the award that is won.

Large Image popup

In the Large Image popup (for any image EXCEPT the grand winners), you can navigate to other images in the gallery by using the Slideshow controls in the bottom left corner.  The controls tell you the number of images in the gallery, and allow you to navigate to the next and previous images as well as viewing all images via a continuous slideshow.  You can also navigate to the next and previous images by clicking on left and right portion (respectively) of the E-Badge image itself - if you hover your mouse over the E-Badge in the appropriate portion, the "Next" and "Previous" buttons will appear.

You can close the popup by (1) clicking on the close button in the bottom right corner of the popup window; (2) clicking on the gallery page; or (3) pressing "ESC" on your keyboard.

E-Badge Embed Code popup

You can share a TZIPAC E-Badge using our easy-share embed code.  Firstly, locate and click on the E-Badge award icon next to the qualifying image that you would like to share.  This will open the E-Badge Embed Code popup window (see the snapshot shown below).  Then, just copy the HTML code provided and paste it into the <body> of a webpage of your choice.  The E-Badge will then appear on that page, similar to the preview shown in the E-Badge Embed Code popup.

E-Badge Embed Code popup

For more information about TZIPAC E-Badges, please read our other news article:

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