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TZ International Photography and Art Community (TZIPAC) is an organization that is dedicated to the celebration of beautiful photography from around the world - recognizing and introducing amazing artists from all walks of life.

TZIPAC runs a series of juried competitions, both annuals and one-offs, that target various themes and skills. The competitions are designed to be affordable and thus able to encourage many undiscovered artist and bring them to the forefront of the photography world. At the same time, we will only accept high-quality artworks that demonstrates a creative flare and passion for all things photography. Our goal is to encourage a wide range of emerging artists to participate and showcase their capabilities to the world. Our search is for talented artists in their chosen area of expertise as well as the TZ International Photographer of the Year.

In the long term, our goal is for TZIPAC to evolve into a full internet-based community in the near future, utilizing multi-media platform to help promote artists and their works, as well as to encourage the interaction and sharing of ideas to further help the development and expansion of photography as an art form. Watch this space for updates on how we're growing.

The 2012 Zebra Awards seeking the best vision of black & white photography around the world is now closed.
Tune back soon for the exciting results.