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Fees are specified for single entries as well as package specials. All fees are in USD.

Package specials are only applicable for entries (of a single competition) which are paid-for together. In particular, once submissions have been paid-for, entries can no longer be used to determine whether additional entries qualify for the package specials. Total fees due, taking into account any applicable package specials, will be calculated automatically when you upload images via the 'Submit' page in your 'Member Portfolio'.

Payment must be made online via Paypal. To make payment, login to your 'Member Portfolio', and navigate to the 'Submit' page to upload and pay for new entries. Alternatively, navigate to the 'Unconfirmed Entries' page to pay for review all uploaded but unconfirmed entries (for all running competitions).

Uploaded entries are 'unconfirmed' unless payment of the necessary fees is received before the competition's closing deadline. Unconfirmed entries are not qualified for judging. For your convenience, unconfirmed entries can be accessed over multiple login sessions via the 'Submit' and 'Unconfirmed Entries' pages of your 'Member Portfolio' until you delete the entry or the competition closes. You can review all your confirmed entries by navigating to the 'Confirmed Entries' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Once a competition's results are finalised and the online winners galleries is published, your confirmed entries can be reviewed in the 'History' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. You can also view your previous payment details by navigating to the 'Payments' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Find out more in the Closing Deadline section of our "How to Enter".

Entry fees are non-refundable, but entries can be completely modified (i.e., upload new digital file, update the title or caption, select a new category) until the competition closes.

Every competition will have its own fees and package deals. Specific competition's fees details can be viewed on multiple pages:

  • in each specific competition's call-for-entry
  • login to your 'Member Portfolio', navigate to the 'Submit' page and then select the specific competition from the dropdown list
  • alongside submitted entries in the 'Unconfirmed Entries' page of your 'Member Portfolio'.

Some competition may adopt a 2-Stage-Fees struture. If so, all Stage 1 Accepted images will be invited for ongoing submission to Stage 2 for an additional fees. You will be asked to reconfirm ALL Stage 1 acceptance to continue - that is, YOU CANNOT CHOOSE which Stage 1 Accepted images is submitted into Stage 2. But to assure you that the acceptance is done purely on merit we are capping the additional fees so that the overall fees which you must pay will remain reasonable even if you have a lot of Stage 1 acceptances to reconfirm. Stage 1 Accepted images will only be forward to the final round of judging and qualify for winning the stated prizes if the additional fees are paid before the given deadline. At the pure discretion of TZIPAC, special extension may be granted for stage 2 fees payment.

Should TZIPAC elect to cancel or terminate a competition prior to its closing deadline, TZIPAC will refund all paid entry fees.