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Judging Process

All TZIPAC competitions will undergo a 'blind judging' in which judges are not aware of any information about the authorship of entries.

Judging for each competition will comprise of two stages: (1) initial screening, and (2) judge scoring. Firstly, submitted entries will be screen by TZIPAC staff. The objective of this initial selection is to ensure that submissions meet a minimum level of technical quality and conform to the conditions set out in the Images section of our "How to Enter". Submissions which passes the initial screening will be forwarded to the competition's panel of judges for scoring. Every competition will have its own panel of judges. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details.

The judges scores will determine the top placings for professionals and non-professionals in each category, as well as a restricted number of 'Finalists'. From the pool of all category winners, the judges will finally select the competitions grand award winners.

In certain cases, a gallery of competition finalists will be created for an additional 'Public Voting' round of competition. Anyone with an email address can vote but only one vote is allowed per email address. The winner of each 'Public Voting' round of competition is determined purely from the number of votes registered with TZIPAC at the closing of the 'Public Voting'.

The decisions of the judges, public voting, and TZIPAC are final.