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2013-05-13: Featured Artist: Alicia Moneva

We are happy to feature spanish artist, Alicia Moneva.

Conflict of personality IV - Alicia MonevaNot only did she win 1st place Professionals, "Fine Art Nudes" category, but two of her other submissions were chosen as Finalists in The 2011 Eros Awards. When asked how she felt about winning and receiving a TZIPAC medal, Alicia said that it was a "pleasant surprised". Winning gave her a feeling of "security" and reaffirm her confidence in her art. Although she has won other international photography competitions in the past, it was the first medal she had received for her effort. She was thrilled to be rewarded with a medal which she feels is a great "original" reminder of her achievements. More often seen in the sporting world than for artistic excellence, Alicia loved her TZIPAC medal because its weight, design and size all bare witness to the authenticity and worth of the award.

Her award-winning photograph was titled "Conflict of personality IV" which is actually just one image from her 'unconscious' photo series. The goal of the series is to convey the idea of the unconscious:

"The first sensations that are almost pure, not having been still sifted by learning the language. We see people trapped in bathtubs, wrapped in liquids understood as original fluids. The waters of colors, representing these sensations that, later, from the depths, send us encrypted messages, manipulating our maps of reality, loaded with hidden desires, we always need to imagine how rational."

Remarkably, nude photography is not one of Alicia's specialty, but she uses it as a tool to better express the concept of the photos she create. Her predominant focus for nude photography lies in the composition. As a painter, photography offers her a better medium to formulate the conceptual meaning underpinning some of her artworks.

What does she think is unique about her work? Simply her "particular way of seeing the world". Alicia believes, that what epitomise her artworks and differentiates them from other artists, is her own way of seeing the world. For her, being a good artist is not only about producing quality pieces, but being able to show your own alternative and unique views of the world through your art.

Alicia Moneva - In a sea of doubts Alicia Moneva - Artificial Selection Alicia Moneva - Artificial Selection

Currently Alicia is working on a photographic series and video art titled "about the disease in our culture" - a project especially dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer and Parkinson, and other chronically ill and unsung heroes of our time. The goal of the project is to explore the social standings of people affected by chronical diseases in a world where success and perfection, whether real or imaginary and unattainable, are highly regarded. Alicia's project tries to address some engaging questions, such as how society regards chronical diseases and what life is like for sufferers. Notably, for the photography and video called " on / off " (shown below), Alicia collaborated with a patient suffering from Parkinson disease to explore the concept of space and time, or rather lack there-of, for a patient in the OFF condition. Also in a nod to sufferers of Alzheimer, Alicia questions the role of memory to personal identity, spawning several images including: "the forgotten prisoners", "requiem for an identity", "Captive of memories" and "In a sea of doubt" (pictured above). She cleverly associate the progressive loss of memory to the diming of lights. Plato said that we know when we remember and Alicia adds: "We recognize ourselves when we remember".

Alicia Moneva Video on YouTube

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In future, Alicia intends to continue, dually, to pursue both her interest in photography and painting. For one of her project, she hope to scrutinize the naked human form as a landscape, seeking to highlight curves in the body contour with shadows by playing with lights.

Learn more about Alicia's work at her website http://www.amoneva.com/

In this "Feature Artists" series, we would like to showcase artists who possess a fascinating artistry and vision which we believe would inspire and enchant our readers. We hope to share with you an insight into the artists, their artistic vision and expertise, and possibly helpful tips and tools that they recommend.

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