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Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice

Last pdated 23rd February 2018

Table of Content:


Photographers, professional and non-professionals, from anywhere around the world, are invited to participate in TZIPAC juried competitions. However, professional photographers must participate in the professional categories, while non-professionals are recommended to participate in the non-professional categories.

Professional photographers are those who have earned more than US$20,000 in revenue within the 12 months prior to a competition closing deadline.

Employees of TZIPAC are not permitted to enter. Judges are not permitted to enter into any competition in which they are a member of the judging panel, but judges are welcome to participate in other competitions in which they have no direct involvement.

TZIPAC competitions are not valid in any countries, states or provinces where rules translation, registration or bonding are required, and are non-valid where prohibited.

Further eligibility criterias such as age- and country-restriction may apply. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details.

False declarations with respect to your professional status or eligibility for a competition will result in you being stripped of any awards and prizes won for that competition.

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Closing Deadline

Every competition will have its own closing deadline. Specific competition's closing deadline can be viewed on multiple pages:

  • alongside the competition name in our Open Competitions listing
  • at the top and bottom of each specific competition's call-for-entry
  • login to your 'Member Portfolio', navigate to the 'Submit' page and then select the specific competition from the dropdown list
  • alongside submitted entries (unconfirmed and confirmed) in your 'Member Portfolio'.

Entries must be confirmed (i.e, uploaded and paid-for) before a competition's closing deadline in order to qualify for judging. Find out more in the Fees section of our "Terms & Conditions".

TZIPAC reserves the rights to modify and/or extend the closing deadlines of all its competitions. We will strive to notify entrants of such changes via email.

No late entries will be accepted.

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Image specifications

All submitted images must be in the form of digital files.

Images must be in JPG/JPEG format, 8 bit, and 72 dpi. Colour space should be RGB or sRGB. Maximum file size and longest dimension must conform to any limits specified in the call-for-entries.

Images must not have border, marks or logos identifying the artists.

Captions are optional. Title and caption are used for images featured in our winners galleries and will not affect your score.

Image Creation

There are no restrictions on the date of the images.

Published and unpublished artworks are both eligible.

Images and artworks made at tutorials/workshops are not eligible.

For photographic images, all editing must have been performed by you and no-one else. At TZIPAC, we believe that the editing is as important as the photography itself and we want to encourage and celebrate your creativity and skills.

Categories and Competitions

Images must conform to the thematic descriptions of competitions and categories into which they are entered. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details.

An image may be entered into multiple categories within the same competition, provided they conform with each category description. An image may not be entered into future TZIPAC competitions with the same name, but may be entered in any other TZIPAC competitions having different names.

TZIPAC has full discretion to disqualify and remove artworks which we deem to contain obscene, defamatory or otherwise objectionable content.

Series vs Single Image Entry

A series/portfolio comprises 5-10 images sharing a common theme.

If a specific competition's call-for-entries accepts both single images and series/portfolios, then series/portfolios may be submitted in its entirety or in parts to one or more categories. Moreover, an image, which is part of a series/portfolio that has been submitted to the genre 'Series' of a given category, may also be submitted to the genre 'Single Image' of the same category or any other category.


You warrant that the submitted artworks have been created by you, and that you own all necessary rights to use the artworks. Find out more in the Copyrights & Releases section of our "Terms & Conditions".

Artworks that fail to comply with these conditions will be disqualified.

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Every competition will have categories winners, as well as a grand award winner for Professionals and/or Non-Professionals. Depending on the quality of the images submitted for each competition, TZIPAC reserves the rights to decide not to nominate top placings for selected categories. Grand award winners will be chosen from the pool of first place category winners.

Competition winners will be notified via email and winning images will be featured in our online winners galleries and possibly other digitial/print promotional materials.

In addition, every competition may have its own prizes. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details.

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Fees are specified for single entries as well as package specials. All fees are in USD.

Package specials are only applicable for entries (of a single competition) which are paid-for together. In particular, once submissions have been paid-for, entries can no longer be used to determine whether additional entries qualify for the package specials. Total fees due, taking into account any applicable package specials, will be calculated automatically when you upload images via the 'Submit' page in your 'Member Portfolio'.

Payment must be made online via Paypal. To make payment, login to your 'Member Portfolio', and navigate to the 'Submit' page to upload and pay for new entries. Alternatively, navigate to the 'Unconfirmed Entries' page to pay for review all uploaded but unconfirmed entries (for all running competitions).

Uploaded entries are 'unconfirmed' unless payment of the necessary fees is received before the competition's closing deadline. Unconfirmed entries are not qualified for judging. For your convenience, unconfirmed entries can be accessed over multiple login sessions via the 'Submit' and 'Unconfirmed Entries' pages of your 'Member Portfolio' until you delete the entry or the competition closes. You can review all your confirmed entries by navigating to the 'Confirmed Entries' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Once a competition's results are finalised and the online winners galleries is published, your confirmed entries can be reviewed in the 'History' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. You can also view your previous payment details by navigating to the 'Payments' page of your 'Member Portfolio'. Find out more in the Closing Deadline section of our "How to Enter".

Entry fees are non-refundable, but entries can be completely modified (i.e., upload new digital file, update the title or caption, select a new category) until the competition closes.

Every competition will have its own fees and package deals. Specific competition's fees details can be viewed on multiple pages:

  • in each specific competition's call-for-entry
  • login to your 'Member Portfolio', navigate to the 'Submit' page and then select the specific competition from the dropdown list
  • alongside submitted entries in the 'Unconfirmed Entries' page of your 'Member Portfolio'.

Some competition may adopt a 2-Stage-Fees struture. If so, all Stage 1 Accepted images will be invited for ongoing submission to Stage 2 for an additional fees. You will be asked to reconfirm ALL Stage 1 acceptance to continue - that is, YOU CANNOT CHOOSE which Stage 1 Accepted images is submitted into Stage 2. But to assure you that the acceptance is done purely on merit we are capping the additional fees so that the overall fees which you must pay will remain reasonable even if you have a lot of Stage 1 acceptances to reconfirm. Stage 1 Accepted images will only be forward to the final round of judging and qualify for winning the stated prizes if the additional fees are paid before the given deadline. At the pure discretion of TZIPAC, special extension may be granted for stage 2 fees payment.

Should TZIPAC elect to cancel or terminate a competition prior to its closing deadline, TZIPAC will refund all paid entry fees.

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Judging Process

All TZIPAC competitions will undergo a 'blind judging' in which judges are not aware of any information about the authorship of entries.

Judging for each competition will comprise of two stages: (1) initial screening, and (2) judge scoring. Firstly, submitted entries will be screen by TZIPAC staff. The objective of this initial selection is to ensure that submissions meet a minimum level of technical quality and conform to the conditions set out in the Images section of our "How to Enter". Submissions which passes the initial screening will be forwarded to the competition's panel of judges for scoring. Every competition will have its own panel of judges. Please see specific competition's call-for-entry in our Open Competitions listing for further details.

The judges scores will determine the top placings for professionals and non-professionals in each category, as well as a restricted number of 'Finalists'. From the pool of all category winners, the judges will finally select the competitions grand award winners.

In certain cases, a gallery of competition finalists will be created for an additional 'Public Voting' round of competition. Anyone with an email address can vote but only one vote is allowed per email address. The winner of each 'Public Voting' round of competition is determined purely from the number of votes registered with TZIPAC at the closing of the 'Public Voting'.

The decisions of the judges, public voting, and TZIPAC are final.

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Copyrights & Releases


You warrant that submitted artworks have been created by you, and that you own all necessary rights to use the artworks for participating in TZIPAC's competitions. In particular, the artworks must not violate or infringe on any copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and no other party must have any rights, claim or interest in the artwork.

Artworks that fail to comply with these copyrights conditions will be disqualified.

The copyrights of submitted artworks will remain with the artists at all times. However, the competition participants agree to grant TZIPAC permission for perpetuity to use the artworks for promotional purposes, without further permissions or remunerations, in its publications, including electronic media or printed materials, including website, online galleries, online magazines, as well as other forms (potentially with third-party publications) for the expressed purpose of promoting the artworks, the artists and TZIPAC.

Any artwork used by TZIPAC will credit the artist.

Third-party Releases/Licences

Upon TZIPAC's request, each entrant must be prepared to provide a signed written personal release (i.e., model release forms) from all recognizable individuals featured in submitted artworks, authorizing TZIPAC to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the competition entry in connection with and promotion of the TZIPAC competition, in any media now or hereafter. Please do not submit model release forms unless requested.

In addition, upon TZIPAC's request, each entrant must be prepared to provide a signed written license from the copyright owner of any sculpture, artwork or other copyrighted material that appears in the submitted competition entry, authorizing us to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the artwork in connection with and promotions of the TZIPAC competition.

Failure to provide such releases upon request may result in disqualification and forfeiture of all prize winnings.

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Other Legal Conditions

TZIPAC competitions are subjected to federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Artworks may be disqualified if they do not meet all of the above conditions.

The prize winners are responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes on prizes.

There are no alternatives to the stated prizes. In the event that the selected winner(s) of any prize are/is ineligible or refuses the prize, the prize will be forfeited and TZIPAC, at its sole discretion, may choose whether to award the prize to another entrant.

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Limitations of Liability

TZIPAC will not be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury, whatsoever, suffered or sustained by any person or entity that results from or arises out of submissions to any TZIPAC competitions. The entrant indemnifies TZIPAC against any loss, damages, costs or claims arising out of a breach of the Terms and Conditions by the entrant.

TZIPAC assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, or delay in operation or transmission; communications line failure, theft or destruction of or unauthorized access to competition entries or entry forms; or alteration of entries or entry forms. TZIPAC is not responsible for any problems with or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any e-mail entry to be received on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any web site, human errors of any kind, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to entrants' or any other persons' computers related to or resulting from participation, uploading or downloading of any materials related to TZIPAC's competitions.

TZIPAC will strive to keep participant's data confidential, and their email addresses or other personal data will only be used to contact the contestants, and/or for the promotion of the TZIPAC competitions.

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