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Artworks by winners and finalists of this competition have been featured in the following TZIPAC e-magazines:

Closed 30 Jun 2013

The 2013 GoPix Awards - Round 1

Calling all Mobile GoPixers

Now, the power of creation lies in everyone's hands, limited only by the imagination. Mobile phones and tablets are unprecedented tools to capture and create artwork anywhere anytime.

Photographic art is no longer confined to those who splurge on big, fancy and expensive cameras and equipments. Now, the power of creation lies in everyone's hands, limited only by the imagination. Mobile phones and tablets are unprecedented tools to capture and create artwork anywhere anytime. The fleeting moment is just a click away.

The GoPix Awards celebrates creative use of mobile cameras and tablets for photographic art. We are seeking the world's best. The GoPix Awards will run as an annual competition that will be split up into two semiannual rounds. Each round is organised similar to a mini-competition resulting in Grand Nominees who will then vy for the prestigious title of TZIPAC International Mobile GoPixer of the Year.

  • EligibilityTOP

    The GoPix Awards is opened to any photographer with access to a mobile phone or tablet with inbuilt camera. Any post-processing work can be done in-camera or on a computer. Collages and montages are also eligible, provided all elements in the final artwork have been captured with a mobile phone camera.


    The competition will not distinguish between professionals and non-professionals.


    How it works


    The GoPix Awards will run throughout 2013, in two semiannual rounds with closing deadline at the end of each 6-months period. Each round will be juried by the TZIPAC Editorial team and our specially invited Juror(s) whose scoring will determine the category winners, Finalists and GoPix Grand Nominees, among whom the ultimate GoPix Grand Winner will be selected and awarded the title of “2013 TZIPAC International Mobile GoPixer of the Year”.


    In every semiannual round, the entry process is split into two stages.


    Stage 1 entry fee is just $1 per image with the judging being carried out by the TZIPAC Editorial team. The very low entry fee is designed to encourage a broader community of Mobile Pixers (artists) to participate, in the hope of discovering a multitude of marvelous artworks from budding undiscovered artists as well as established professionals, without geographic boundaries or limitations. Achieving a status of Stage 1 Accepted will allow you to promote your artwork with our official E-badge.


    All Stage 1 Accepted images will be invited for ongoing submission to Stage 2 at a cost of $5 per image, with the total fees capped at $75. Stage 2 will be judged by our specially invited Juror(s) whose scores will determine the Finalists, Category Winners and GoPix Grand Nominees who will vy for top honours in The GoPix Awards.


    TZIPAC look forward to seeing and showcasing the diverse and numerous artworks that will be submitted and the passionate flares and creativity of participating Mobile GoPixers.

  • Closing DeadlineTOP

    30-Jun-2013 ( GMT -05:00 )

    Closing Deadline is for Round 1 only - The competition runs for the entire year and the Grand Winner will be determined at the end of 2013.

  • Categories TOP

    Abstract and Contemporary:
    Entries should be either abstract or unusual in its subject matter or depict visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world. Such works may " isolate a fragment of a natural scene in order to remove its inherent context from the viewer", or may "be purposely staged to create a seemingly unreal appearance from real objects", or may "involve the use of color, light, shadow, texture, shape and/or form to convey a feeling, sensation or impression". Abstract and contemporary artworks usually carry meanings of "greater weight than its subject matter".
    Landscape and Nature:
    Landscape photography shows spaces and expanses within the world, usually vast and unending, rather than focusing on a specific object. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes. Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.
    People and Animals:
    Subject matter of your artwork should feature people and/or animals.
  • Images TOP

    Images must be in JPG/JPEG format, 8 bit, maximum of 2000pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi, and have maximum file size of 500KB. Colour space should be RGB or sRGB.

    Images must have no border, nor marks or logos identifying the artists.

    If a higher resolution file is deemed necessary for fair judging we will contact you.

    Artwork must be captured with a mobile phone inbuilt camera, but post-processing work may be done in-camera or on a computer.

    Collage and montage artworks are acceptable, provided all elements in the final artwork have been captured with a mobile phone camera.

    There are no restriction on the make or model of mobile phone that may be used.

    Original mobile phone image may be requested in order to verify that your images meet our images specifications.

  • Prizes TOP

    US$1000 cash prize to be won!

    Grand Winner (to be announce at the end of 2013):

    $1000 cash prize and the title of “2013 TZIPAC International Mobile GoPixer of the Year”.


    Category Winners (to be announce for each semiannual rounds):

    The winning image in each category will receive the prestigious TZIPAC medals, each engraved and beautiful presented in Rosewood display box.


    GoPix Grand Nominees (to be announce for each semiannual rounds):

    The top 20 images in each category will be nominated


    Finalists,Category Winners, and GoPix Grand Nominees will also be formally exhibited in our online Winners Gallery and will also be featured in our winners E-book and video.


    Artworks which achieve at least the award status of Stage 1 Accepted will receive access to fantastic E-badge with which to share their achievements.

  • Fees TOP

    Two phase entry fees system - designed to encourage a broader range of participants.

    Stage 1: Initial entry fee is only $1 per image.

    Stage 2: Additional entry fee for qualifying in Stage 2 Judging is just $5 per image with total fees capped at $75.

    This confirms your Stage 1 Accepted artworks for judging by our Judging Panel and put you in the chance to become Category Winners and ultimately win the grand prize.

    Special Note!!! All Stage 1 Accepted images will be invited for ongoing submission to Stage 2 for possibly an additional fees. You are asked to reconfirm ALL Stage 1 acceptance to continue - that is, YOU CANNOT CHOOSE which Stage 1 Accepted images is submitted into Stage 2. But to assure you that the acceptance is done purely on merit we are capping the additional fees so that the overall fees which you must pay will remain reasonable even if you have a lot of Stage 1 acceptances to reconfirm.

  • Judging PanelTOP


    Sarah Jarrett - 2013 Winner of the Mobile Artist/Photographer of the Year

    Website :
    Biography :

    I completed my degree and postgraduate studies at Harrow School of Art & Brighton University in 1992 specialising in Photography.

    I was singled out in my final year for special bursary prizes from both Kodak and Agfa.

    After graduating I taught Art, Textiles & Photography in Brighton and continued to exhibit my work in London, Brighton, Cambridge and Norfolk.

    In 1998 I began to freelance full time and began to experiment with painting onto my own large colour photographic prints with oils and sewing onto the surface with a sewing machine in an attempt to develop a unique way of working with photography. It drew immediate attention from magazines and publishers and secured my first print and publishing deals. I now work with digital media using iphone and ipad. The main focus in my images today is still in making photographic images look like paintings and in capturing dreamlike, ethereal beauty. To have a unique voice in my work is still very important to me.

    I have exhibited , licenced and produced commercial artwork for companies in Europe and the USA. I was selected as one of the winners in the Sotherby's International Young Artists 2001 for a series of experimental painted photographic designs.

    The main outlets for my work have been in fine art cards, giftwrap, calenders, posters, limited and open edition prints, book covers and food packaging design for supermarkets.

    Clients who have commissioned and published my work incude: Graphique de France, Woodmansterne, Art angels UK, Conran Octopus, Marshall editions, Artsmile, Simon Elvin, Wilkinsons, Editions Ltd USA, Unicorn Fine Art, Asda, Ebury Press- Random House UK, Penguin, A Vue d'Oeil, Wendy Lamb books,Elegant Clutter UK, The Pure Design Group,The Science, Art & Writing Trust, 

    My work is represented for licensing by Getty Images

  • Entries are also governed by our Terms & Conditions